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Messenger of Truth

Messenger of Truth

London, 1931. The night before an exhibition of his artwork opens at a famed Mayfair gallery, the controversial artist Nick Bassington-Hope falls to his death. The police rule it an accident, but Nick's twin sister, Georgina, a wartime journalist and a infamous figure in her own right, isn't convinced.

When the authorities refuse to consider her theory that Nick was murdered, Georgina seeks out a fellow graduate from Girton College, Maisie Dobbs, psychologist and investigator, for help. Nick was a veteran of World War I, and before long the case leads Maisie to the desolate beaches of Dungeness in Kent, and into the sinister underbelly of the city's art world.

In Messenger of Truth, Maisie once again uncovers the perilous legacy of the Great War in a society struggling to recollect itself. But to solve the mystery of Nick's death, Maisie will have to keep her head as the forces behind the artist's fall come out of the shadows to silence her.

Following on the bestselling Pardonable Lies, Jacqueline Winspear delivers another vivid, thrilling, and utterly unique episode in the life of Maisie Dobbs.

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Also available in audio and e-book formats

Henry Holt & Co., Hardcover (August 2006), ISBN-13: 978-0805078985
Picador, Paperback (June 2007), ISBN-13: 978-0312426859


"An insightful look at class divisions and dangerous political undercurrents of homegrown fascism in early 1930s Britain . . . fans of quality period fiction will be well satisfied."
   —Publishers Weekly

"What makes this book delightful is how Winspear shows Maisie's emotional development amid the bitter legacy of the Great War. Her growing fan base should enjoy this latest entry."
   —Library Journal

"Vivid characters and plenty of rich period detail . . ."

"Maisie Dobbs, Winspear's brilliant psychological investigator, returns for her fourth adventure . . . Definitely more of apolitical and psychological read than a simple whodunit."
   —Daily News