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With Thanks To You—And A Giveaway!

I wanted to give you an update on my travels and some of the events that have come to pass since The Care and Management of Lies was published on July 1st. At time of writing, I am almost at the end of a fairly intense book tour travel schedule, having already met readers and signed thousands of copies of the new novel in, well, I've lost count of how many cities!

Jacqueline at the St. Louis Library

Some of you have been disappointed not to have seen a Maisie Dobbs book this year—but equally, many of you grasped the clue at the end of Leaving Everything Most Loved: "Yes, she would be back." And indeed she will, in a new Maisie Dobbs series to be launched in April 2015 when A Dangerous Place is published. Why "new"—well, you'll see when the time comes.

In the meantime, the response to The Care and Management of Lies has been quite wonderful. Yes, almost everything about the book is different from my previous books—it's not a mystery and it's not part of a series (though Huffington Post listed the novel in the #2 position in an article published last week entitled, "10 Books That Are Dying For A Sequel")—but you have come to love the characters all the same. From previous newsletters, you know the story of how I came to write The Care and Management of Lies, and grasped that one of the things I really wanted to do was craft a novel that brought the focus on the ways in which the battlefront and home front were connected during the Great War, and how people endured not only a devastating conflict, but how their futures, their imagined lives changed with such rapidity, it was as if the ground had shifted under their feet.

This summer marked not only publication of The Care and Management of Lies, but the 10th anniversary edition of Maisie Dobbs. You might remember that Maureen Corrigan reviewed Maisie Dobbs on National Public Radio's Fresh Air when it was first published—a real coup for a first-time author. On July 10th, on Fresh Air, she reviewed Maisie Dobbs for a second time, taking retrospective look at the series, and she reviewed The Care and Management of Lies at the same time—for a writer, it doesn't get much better than that.

And in the same week, my essay on the women of World War I was published in The Daily Beast.

Now to the giveaway. Some months before publication, during a trip to England, I came across a series of greeting cards based upon the covers of old household management books. I thought they would be great for sending thank-you notes, or birthday wishes—and then I had an idea. As the cover for The Care and Management of Lies was inspired by similar books, I thought it would make a lovely note card—so I had a batch printed. For this giveaway I have 30 sets of 5 cards each—they're ready to send to the first 30 people who email me at winspearforwarding@gmail.com.

Include your name and complete mailing address.

PLEASE NOTE: This email address should not be used for correspondence, and will not be checked following distribution of the cards. In addition, be assured that submitted addresses will not be retained—I do not have the capability to collect addresses, and I have no reason to do that anyway. I expect to mail out the cards during the first week of August.

Finally, for those of you who have read The Care and Management of Lies, perhaps it might be an idea to visit my previous newsletters—the genesis of the novel's key themes might bear a second reading now you've read about Kezia, Tom, Thea and Edmund, and Kezia's father, who becomes a military chaplain.

With my very best wishes,

The Care and Management of Lies Jacqueline

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The Care and Management of Lies is published in the USA and Canada by Harper Collins, and by Allison and Busby in the UK and Commonwealth.

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