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Leaving Everything Most Loved

Welcome to my website! I'm writing this message while the year is in its infancy, still in swaddling clothes—yet already many of us are thinking way ahead. I sometimes feel as if, as an author, I am rushing my life away because so much of my year is planned far in advance—indeed, I have deadlines stretching across the next several years. But along with that schedule of writing, researching and travel, there is the excitement of a new book to be published, and a series of bookstore events which bring me closer to the readers of my novels—always such a pleasure.

On March 26th, LEAVING EVERYTHING MOST LOVED, my new novel featuring psychologist and investigator, Maisie Dobbs, will be published. It is the tenth novel in the series, and for the life of me, if the books weren't lined up on the shelf, I would wonder where the past ten years had gone. Vanished into the ether!

It's interesting to go back and pinpoint the very moment the seed of an idea begins to take root as a story. In some ways, a novel is similar to a leafy hybrid nurtured in a hothouse—several seedlings scored and joined to produce something completely new, yet at the same time familiar. There is the recognition of characters, but their journey is different, their blooming heralded with fresh color.

LEAVING EVERYTHING MUCH LOVED is about journeying, about exile. It's about the choices made for and by us, and how fate can take us many miles from home and lead us to encounter the good, the kind, the bad and dangerous. Sometimes, on that journey, we might cross a street only to find ourselves face to face with a past we thought we might never see and feel again.

In my newsletters leading up to publication, I'll be telling you more about the seedlings that rooted LEAVING EVERYTHING MOST LOVED in my imagination, and I'll also be sharing with you something of the color and vibrance of Usha Pramal, the tragic victim of a crime while living so far from home, apart from a country and family loved dearly. You can sign up for my newsletter on the Contact page.

May you be blessed during this 12-month journey around the sun, and be safe wherever life might lead you.

With all good wishes,


PS: My upcoming schedule of events will be listed on the Appearances page soon!

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